EQUITAX INDUSTRIES has six important attribute that we believe are fundamental and essential in the growth of the Industry and we put them into practice on a daily basis. These are:

RESPECT: Respect is at the heart of EQUITAX philosophy, and is intimately linked to the corporations success. An employee who feels respected develops a sense of belonging and pride. This living culture translates into concrete actions, starting with the management style, the approach to employee negotiations, information meetings and ongoing effort to ensure a positive work environment. Respect also extends to the communities where we operate

TEAM WORK: At EQUITAX INDUSTRIES employees enjoy a collegial and consultative work environment. Team work is the basis for the development of business strategies at EQUITAX, with each member sharing his or her unique experience and expertise. Managers make regular visits to the production floor, working together with the employees to find solutions when needed. In the spirit of cooperation, employees from different regions communicate on a regular basis, sharing advice, orientations and ideas. These networks ultimately facilitate and enrich everyone’s work. To promote team work each employee:
Cooperates in good faith and adopts a positive attitude to reach team objectives
Accepts differences and encourages participation of all team members
Acknowledge each individual contribution
Demonstrates solidarity with team decision

AUTONOMY: In a spirit of mutual trust and within acceptable limits, each employee strives to achieve industry’s goal with a minimum supervision. Managers have the freedom necessary to make this fundamental quality the engine that drives them on a daily basis. Supported, encouraged, given responsibility rather than being controlled, employees are entrusted to act in the best interest of the industry, as if they where running there own business. We believe that success lies first in the hands of its employees, tolerance is nothing less than a fundamental quality. Equitax Industry believes that mistakes are part of the learning process, and that tolerance is essential to a team’s overall Development. To develop autonomy, an employee must try even at the risk of being wrong. The most powerful motivator is responsibility, which also leads to commitment and a sense of accomplishment. This sense of belonging motivates peoples to do what needs to be done, rather than mechanically following a job description.

ADAPTABILITY: Our employees are open minded and posses the ability to adapt their work methods as needed. Thanks to these qualities We are able to rise to meet new challenges. Equitax Industry structure also provides the flexibility necessary to take advantage of this synergy

INITIATIVE: A forerunner of the innovative spirit that is the central to Equitax Industry, innovation is a key value that constantly pushes our boundaries. Proactive and enterprising we propose, initiate and organize new ways of doing things. We evaluate needs and give possible solutions.

COMMUNICATION: EQUITAX INDUSTRY believes in the equality of individuals, and favors negotiation rather than imposition. Its open door policy ensures that information is shared openly and honestly. Managers strive for transparency, discussing business matters openly without excluding co-workers. This is proof of our trust on employees in regard to confidentiality and professionalism. The Industry simple hierarchy allows for flexibility and adaptability. Management is accessible, working relationship are open and information circulates freely across all levels.